Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things To keep in Mind While Creating A Bot Account.

Things To keep in Mind While Creating A Bot Account Are:-

- Always Register Your Bot Account From Proxy Servers Like Hidemyass.com
- Always Use Fake Email Or Create New Email Id For Bots.
- Give Characters Real-Like names i.e Of Humans.
- Give Characters Game names example Warrior,Fighter,Demon King etc.
- Never Give Characters names which looks like bot names example abjsda,aaskd, .... , @@@, etc.
- If your server allows symbols then use lot of hard symbols like ┌,░,◄ etc so that no one can pm you :P
- Never be online on Any of your Main chars While your bot is Running.
- Never Discuss About Bots With any of your friends even best friends....Because GM's Always search for Lines In which Bot or Tob Word Is there to check what discussion is done..for that use Emails,SMS,Give them a Call, Or Use Messengers.

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