Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Common Botting Mistakes Done By Many Botters

The Common Botting Mistakes Done By Many Botters are:-

- IF GM are online the botters keep botting.(Hmm this people surely think GM's are fools,but they will soon find what are gms and what they can do)

- Botting For More than 2hr From Same Bot.(Some one will report or gm will find out)

- Botting Many bots in one Field.(All Banned in no time)

- Wrong Save Map.(Hehe bot will get confused because save map also affects auto sell..and he will keep walking till he reaches lock map)

- Wrong Auto Sell Config Map,cors (your bot will keep moving here and there and doing nothing..which is equal to BAN :P )

- Teleports And Kills (People Might find your botting because of your teleport and kill speed)

- Kill Steal Bots (People will Surely Report You)

- Save Bot In Prontera (biggest Mistake..I dont think I need to explain this but still...there are many players and also gms on this map...hope you know what will happen..if your bot dies and reaches prontera)

- Auto Response Bot (this can be bugged easily so never use it)

- Party Of Bots (this can be found easily)

- Auto Response Bot's Party (this is mostly bugged eg:- If some real player says you are bot then all will reply the words you added in the file example "I am not a bot" then this "Bot" word get repeated and they keep saying again and again)

- Relog Quickly After Getting Disconnected . (atleast wait for 30mins do not directly make your bot relog if they got dc...this might be Gm's Trap)

- Teleport If GM Comes Near (damm this is totally noobish best thing is to set Teleport and Dc)

- Teleport Bots (GM can find such bots faster)

- Not To Teleport after missing lot of attack (GM's mostly become some monster of the same field and watches if you are trying to attack him or not...so best thing is Teleport and/or dc after 3 attacks)

- Slaves (hehe...this also can be found easily..but slaves rocks specially priest..but never use it with main chars)

- Botting your Main chars for Levels (lolz only stupid people can do it to lose your char as well as your name)

- Botting Equiped Chars (I have seen some noobs making bots wearing +7-8 equips and botting them lolz pure stupidity ...such people must be banned so that they can understand the foolishness they doing)

- Transfering Bot Items Directly To Main Account (this is really one of the other stupidity..do you want to get banned?..do you think gms are mad?...they some times do not ban bots to check who is the real owner of the bot and ban him while dealing with his bot char..To avoid this Always first transfer to 2-3 different chars..throw items and pick with other char..then..mail it..use guild storage and get the stuff..Gm's will get really mad to find out where the stuffs gone...to make him more confuse its better to have 2 pc and 2 different isp)

- Vending Bot (OMG...most biggest mistake are done in this only....Bots vend 12 different items within 1 sec lolz...God Speed player?..GMs can ban you in no time..Also Players will Report...To Avoid this Always keep  more time to vend when it relog or login so that people think normal player is vending and taking time to set vending items and prices..Another Mistake is Quick relog after DC..Sometimes GMs Disconnect suspicious Venders to check so always keep more time to relog after Dc...Never Vend Important or Costly stuff on Bot Vender..I Personally Lost more than 200million stuffs because some jealous people reported to gms)

-Vending Bot (you don't need to use vending bot if you got @autotrade or @at command....if you still keep vending bot then either you know what you are doing or you are the biggest fool)

- Auto Pick stuffs after falling (some bots pick stuffs before they fall on ground and some bots pick stuffs so fast after they fall on ground...that any player or gm can understand its a bot...Always try to make bot more human type..if you got @autoloot command then set it on your bot using This Guide

-Always monitor your bot every 30mins or 1hr (its important) and also keep checking chat logs from openkore folder.

-Botting if Antibot is there (yes you can surely bot even antibot is there...just crack it or else be ready to ban..only stupid people bot even when antibot is active. Till that Time use Xkore to bot..best way to dodge Anti Bot)

Always Remember The Bot Looks More Human Like then Its called The Pro Bot and you Are The Pro Botter.

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